Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India

Why Kaziranga National Park In Assam Is An Ultimate Travel Destination

If you think the seven wonders of the world are the only travel destinations you must visit in your lifetime, then you haven’t ever been to or known about Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India! So, what Kaziranga is famous for? What makes it one of the must-visit places in India and in the world?

What Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India is famous for?

Kaziranga is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1985. It is the habitat of world famous one horned rhinoceros and has the largest population of this rare species of animal. Kaziranga National Park in Assam is also the home of the Indian elephant, wild water buffalo, Sambar deer, Indian hog deer, capped langur, western hoolock gibbon and tiger. Pallas’s fish eagle, Ashy woodswallow, blue-bearded bee-eater, black-backed forktail, Asian openbill, Kingfisher and many varieties of birds are spotted in Kaziranga. Every year especially in the winters many migratory birds become the guest to this beautiful green land. Their visit attracts the tourists and the wildlife photographers become restless to capture their most beautiful models! Therefore spring and winter are the best times to visit Kaziranga.

Where nature plays its best!

Kaziranga is a hub of natural beauties. Whether grassland or forest, here nature blooms to the fullest. The water lands are occupied with water lilies, water hyacinth and lotus. Seasonal flowers and beautiful orchids are also seen here.

Kaziranga location

Kaziranga is located in the state of Assam spread across the floodplains of river Brahmaputra. Kaziranga from Guwahati city is 193 km which takes about 3.5 hrs by road. Surrounding an area of about 858.98 km2 Kaziranga covers parts of 3 districts namely Golaghat, Karbi Anglong and Nogaon. From east to west it is 40km in length and from north to south it is 13km in breadth. On its southern and northern boundaries the mighty river Brahmaputra adds on to the beauty of the park. The other sub rivers that touch the park are- Diphlu and Dhansiri. Despite of the eternal beauty that is created by these water sources beside the national park, every year in monsoon Kaziranga faces heavy flood that badly harms the flora and fauna of the land.

How to reach Kaziranga?

Kaziranga from Guwahati can be reached by a car or taxi. Rented cars are available from Paltan Bazar, Guwahati. You can also book a bus ticket to Kaziranga from ISBT, Guwahati. Nearest airport to Kaziranga is Jorhat Rowriah airport. Rented cars and taxis are available to Kaziranga from airport too. The nearest railway station to Kaziranga is at Helem in Sonitpur district of Assam. But it would be better if you reach Furkating railway station in Golaghat district of Assam and take vehicle from there to the national park as the transportation facilities are reliable there.

What to do in Kaziranga?

Kaziranga is for the nature and adventure lovers. You can explore the national park by Kaziranga jeep safari. Kaziranga elephant safari is also popular and mostly preferred by tourists who love adventure. Well accommodated tourist resorts, hotels and guest houses are there near the park, where you can have a comfortable stay and enjoy the traditional cuisine. In the festive season these hotels organizes beautiful cultural events. You can enjoy Bihu dance of Assam while enjoying some delicious meal beside the bonfire, under the big open starry sky.

Places to visit near Kaziranga

If you plan to visit Kaziranga and you have two three extra days to roam around the place and explore, there are some awesome tourist destinations nearby. You can plan to visit-

  1. Orchid garden- Orchid garden near Kaziranga is a well organized and well maintained garden where many varieties of orchids have planted and displayed. The beautiful and unique varieties of orchids from across NE India that have been collected here are something that you should not miss when visiting this place. There is also a botanical garden where numbers of medicinal plants have been collected. You can visit the place, relax in the calm environment, enjoy local food and can even buy some local ethnic goodies.
  2. Majuli- Majuli is the biggest river island in the world. The good news here is that it is just a 4hrs journey from Kaziranga by road. Being the biggest river island Majuli held the aura of being one of the most beautiful near-river places. With the river Brahmaputra around, lots and lots of greenery all way, with rich culture and heritage of the place and with some simple, beautiful minded people, it is a place you must not miss visiting.

Kaziranga National park in Assam, India, though an ultimate travel destination, it is still a lesser known place for many. Whereas Assam government is constantly working for both betterment and promotion of the place, we can wish for increasing numbers of tourists for this stunning natural beauty.

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