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When should I go to Rehab? Know The Right Time and Factors

Wondering if this is the right time to go to rehab? Is your problem normal at times and takes the route south all of a sudden? Can’t decide to get out of the mess and frustrated because of that?

When we talk about Addiction, admitting and realizing the problem is the biggest and the most important step. It is common for everyone facing the problems to have second thoughts while admitting the Addiction.

But the good part is that once you admit the problem, you have won half of the battle.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know whether it is the right time to reach a rehab. You will be able to make a clear decision after reading the complete article.

Stages of Addiction

There are various stages of Addiction, and the first step to analyzing your problem is understanding the stage of your Addiction.

Here are the four main Stages that you should know of:

  • Experimenting with a Drug and trying it for the first time
  • Frequent Use of the Drug and abusing it almost every other day
  • Getting dependant on the Drug for everyday tasks and feeling the urge after regular intervals
  • Complete Addiction which affects every aspect of your life. The only thoughts you get are of getting the next high.

The second stage is the most significant red alert, and the 3rd and 4th stage is where you should contact the rehab!

Severity of Addiction

The Severity of your Addiction is also one of the most significant factors that helps access whether it is time for rehab. A fantastic concept to measure this is called the Addiction Severity Index, which comprises various factors to decide your Addiction’s severity. With this tool, you will also be able to get help with Addiction treatment planning. You can get this done from a trained professional who will ask numerous questions before helping you with a systematic plan towards sobriety.

Major Signs signaling you need Addiction Treatment

Numerous signs would give you hints on the need for rehab. Addiction slowly starts controlling you and your life, but to make sure the situation doesn’t get worse, you should be aware of the red flags.

These are some changes that can be seen in the body:

  • Your appetite has completely changed from your regular and earlier routine.
  • You are facing withdrawal symptoms every time you try to quit.
  • You feel an uncontrollable urge to take Drugs/Alcohol, and it is almost impossible for you to control that urge.
  • You are having trouble sleeping.

These are some of the changes that you can observe in your thinking:

  • You have tried to quit, but it is never successful, and you feel bad as you return to abusing Drugs/Alcohol.
  • Every other small thing happening in your life becomes a trigger for you to abuse Drugs/Alcohol.
  • You are always thinking of your next high.
  • You can observe a change in your behavior and emotions.

Here are some other miscellaneous changes that you will get to see:

  • Your friend circle has changed, and your new friends also abuse Drugs or Alcohol.
  • Your personal and professional life has taken a big hit because of your daily habits.
  • You are keeping a big stock of your Drugs to make sure you never run out of them.
  • You are constantly lying and doing things you would never do to feed your Addiction.

These are also among the most common Red Flags that should give you enough reason to seek help. It is common for us to trick our brains into thinking that professional help is not needed or required in your case. If you are doing any one of the things listed above, Now is the time to consult a professional and go to a drug rehab center.

Medically Assisted Detox and other solutions

If you are worried about lengthy treatment sessions and getting stuck at a rehab center for months, you need to stop that thought right now. If you are making a decision on your own or deciding for one of your loved ones, it is important to note that there are numerous solutions to Drug Addiction. A Medically Assisted Detox is one example and usually the first step. It is also part of numerous other Drug Rehab programs designed for people fighting Addiction at different levels.

Insurance and Rehab

While you are at it understanding what to do next, we know that Insurance and finances are also going through your mind.

There is good news here!

Most of the health insurance plans have some form of coverage for Drug Rehab. This will vary from case to case, but even if your Insurance does not cover your treatment, there are numerous options for finances that you can choose, including help from various Government programs.

The first thing to note and remember is that Drug Addiction is just a part of life and millions of people fight it every year. There will be a day when all your problems will become just a bad dream. Addiction is not your mistake, but seeking help is your responsibility, and taking the step today can help you prevent loads and loads of problems. Help from a professional will help you take one step forward to a positive and fulfilling life. I hope you are now in the position to make a decision.

If you are looking for help and professional advice, Contact Us, and we will help you come out of it just like millions of others are doing!!!

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