What is Rehabilitation and Types?

Someone said it right-‘We are a sad generation with happy pictures’! Indeed with everything going advanced, growing faster, becoming glamorous, the inner peace somewhere has disappeared. People now are more stressed out, worried, restless and anxious. In the path to get recovery or better to say temporary relief, addiction for drug, alcohol and other addictive substances people are found more attracted to. This is probably the reason for growing numbers of drug addicted people around the whole world. According to a recent statistic, around 21 million people in the USA have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them get addiction treatment. Isn’t this horrifying!

What is Rehab/Rehabilitation ?

One of the major problems regarding rehabilitation in that, a person addicted to drug, alcohol or any such substances doesn’t really recognize that they are actually having a problem. Even though addiction affects their personal relation, career, social life and both physical and mental health, the patient doesn’t always bother. In this stage it is important that someone helps the patient and motivate them to give the first step towards recovery. That is what rehab or rehabilitation basically means. The rehabilitation centers are always open for that. These drug recovery Centers and professionals adopt different techniques and therapies for patients and treat them accordingly. Here it is important to mention that drug recovery or alcohol recovery treatment differ for different patients according to the background or reason for what they got addicted to drug.

Types of rehab

As mentioned already, depending on the patient’s background or current conditions, there are different types of addiction recovery treatment. Some of the basic and very useful techniques are discussed below-

  • Drug detoxification

    Drug detox basically means the process in which the body is subjected to let go the drugs in it. This should be done in a safe environment and under the supervision of experts as it may cause life threatening syndrome in the body. Depending on what drug the patient is taking and how long he has been taking it, different processes of drug detoxification are chosen for different patients. The factors that decide what will be the detoxification process for a particular patient, include- what type of substance the patient is addicted to, how long he has been taking it, is the person in severe condition, method of taking the drug, amount of substance taken at one time, medical conditions, family history etc.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    CBT is one of the most successful techniques in drug rehabilitation. It is based on the concept that one’s thinking, reasoning, remembering, feelings, emotions etc are interlinked and have great impact on physical sensation and behaviour of a person. CBT basically deals in removing mental disorders and thus overcoming the related problems creating positive vibe for each negative situation.

  • Motivational interviewing

    In the process of motivational interviewing (MI), the patient is motivated to bring a change in the destructive behaviour he posses. Here the patient needed to be at least a little aware of the negative impacts of drug addiction or how badly it is impacting their personal or social life.

  • 12 step facilitation

    This process is lead by three main steps- (1) Acceptance, this includes the realization that drug addiction is an actual problem. (2) Surrender, this includes surrendering oneself to a higher power and (3) Active participation in 12 step programs and related activities structured to increase the prospects of a substance abuser giving them hope and meaning of life.

rehabilitation centres

Types of rehabilitation centres

Sad truth, but according to a record from 1999 to 2017, around 700,000 Americans died from drug addiction and most of them were in the age of 18-25. This shows how important it is for the rehabilitation Centers to work actively. This is the scenario not only in the US but all over the globe. However there are professionals and rehabilitation Centers in US and around the world who are working actively for the betterment of the drug addicts.

These Centers can be of two types-

Residential Centers

This types of rehab Centers allows patients to stay at the facility Centers under 24/7 supervision by the professionals. Patients are kept in serene environment, away from their everyday set up.

Outpatient Centers

This type of rehab Centers are for those who are unable to leave everything and come and separate themselves totally. After the counselling sessions or other treatments are done the patient is allowed to go to their home at the end of the day.

Well, as it is said every lock is manufactured with a key, every problem has a solution. Addiction problem too is not different. The core factor is that how desperately you want to overcome your addiction. Along with clinical treatment, one’s willpower, proper guidance and motivation play an important role here.

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