what is partial hospitalization

What is Partial Hospitalization and How does it work?

Looking for a reliable and convenient solution to Addiction/Mental Health Issues? Worried about Inpatient Treatment options and don’t want to get admitted to a hospital to get the treatment you need? Conditions like Drug Addiction and Mental illness can be pretty challenging, and what gets more difficult is finding a solution. There are numerous kinds of solutions, but deciding for yourself usually gets pretty confusing.

This article is all about addressing and solving that confusion! Heard a lot about Partial Hospitalization and wondering what it is and is it something that you should consider?

Let’s start by understanding the concept.

What is Partial Hospitalization?

Partial Hospitalization is a structured program aimed at treating Substance Abuse and Mental Health without the need for inpatient treatment. This program runs for several hours a day (up to 7 days a week), and the participant can return to his/her Home at night. This concept has proved its worth all over and is one of the most preferred treatment methods owing to its benefits.

But just like all other treatment programs offered by Rehab centers, this program is best suited to a particular category of people. Before we try and answer that question, we must understand the differences between major programs.

Difference Between Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization And Outpatient Programs

These are the 3 major categories of programs. Understanding these will clarify most of your concerns about the program that you should choose:

  • Inpatient Programs

    These are the most extensive programs and require a person to stay in a residential facility full-time. Residents spend all day in programs. These programs are specifically important for cases where 24 hours supervision is needed, and the affected person is completely addicted to a particular Drug.

  • Partial Hospitalization

    These programs are a step down from Inpatient programs and are designed for people who have gained a specific level of self-control. These participants do not need 24 hours supervision and can control themselves during nighttime. These programs are also perfect for people who have personal obligations like taking care of kids or elderly family members.

  • Outpatient Programs

    These programs are a further step down from Partial Hospitalization. These programs do not run for long hours, as is the case in Partial Hospitalization. These are designed to take only a few hours per week, so participants can easily manage these programs and all other commitments.

Depending on your current scenario, you would join a particular program and step down the list with time to achieve complete freedom from addiction and mental issues.

Types of Treatments in Partial Hospitalization Programs

The reason for the popularity of this program is the number of Treatments offered to participants. There are numerous extensive programs, each aiming at helping you get rid of your Issues. There are many types of programs and combinations offered in Private Hospitalization programs, but we are discussing some of the most common ones so you can get an Idea.

  • Support Groups of Addicts

    In this particular activity, a group of addicts facing similar issues gets to sit and interact with each other. This has been proven to be quite effective, as addicts get to talk about personal issues and learn about the life experiences of other addicts. They help with a motivational boost for every participant when they get to experience successful cases!

  • One-on-One Counselling

    These sessions are conducted by therapists or trained professionals with a good history of helping addicts. Participants can discuss their personal goals and challenges. Therapists have various ways of helping addicts set productive goals and practice challenges that make the journey to sobriety a little easier!

  • Behavioral therapy

    This is one of the main methods of treatment used in Partial Hospitalization. Various types of behavior therapies like Cognitive-behavioral therapy help the addicts fight negative thoughts and emotions. These are extensive structural therapies that consist of numerous steps which are effective in inculcating positive thoughts in addicts.

  • Recreational Activities

    These programs often offer recreational activities, including Art and physical activities, among others. All the activities are aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle!

  • Medication Treatment

    Medication plays a significant role in helping you control your emotions. Many types of medicines are approved for addiction treatment and are known for their effectiveness. These medicines help amplify the treatment and provide additional support along with other activities within the program.

How to Decide if it is the right choice for me?

Now, let’s address another big question – How to ascertain if this program is something you should consider or not? There are some questions which you can ask yourself, or try answering these for your loved ones. These questions will help you make a decision:

  1. Do you have adequate support at HomeHome to regularly attend the program and maintain sobriety at HomeHome?
  2. Is there any other member at your HomeHome, who is fighting addiction? – This is a scenario where you would probably need an Inpatient Treatment program
  3. Have you already passed the Inpatient stage, or are you at a stage when you can easily control your emotions and urges?
  4. Are you motivated enough for the program?
  5. Are you in a medically stable state and can control yourself without any major medicines or intervention?

Answering these questions will help you get a clear idea of the steps that you should take.

We hope you are now in a better position to judge and make a decision for yourself.

The Partial Hospitalization program is one of the best programs which has helped numerous people fight and get rid of challenges from their life. If you are still confused or have more unanswered questions, feel free to contact us using the contact info given on the website. A trained professional can help guide you take the right direction and completely get rid of addiction/mental Issues from your life! Make sure to take action right at this moment and take a step towards a happier and better life!

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