Way to Avoid Allergens in The Home

8 Simple Ways to Avoid Allergens in The Home

If you are suffering from allergies or asthma, you need to be very careful. People suffering from allergies prefer to stay indoors to avoid pollen and mold particles that may aggravate their condition. But you need to be mindful that dust, pet remains, and insect remains can pollute the indoor air and cause health issues. Hence, the prevention begins at home. So, you must know simple ways to avoid allergens at home.

Facts state the eight out of ten individuals in the US get in contact with dust bugs. While six out of ten people come in contact with insect remains. We must know that air comprising of insect remains like cockroaches can be a significant cause of allergy in people. Hence, it is vital to maintain good indoor air quality to control any triggers or health issues.

Some Common Allergens in our Surroundings

Allergens are tiny particles that suspend the air and enter the human body through inhaling. Some of the common types include:

Dust Bugs

Dust is everywhere and can cover surfaces, furniture, and floors. Dust bugs are a significant source of allergies and are fond of warmth and humidity. Bugs live on soft surfaces where we sit and sleep.

Pet Remains

Pet dander, fur, saliva, and urine can be a significant cause of allergies in humans. If you love pets, you must be careful of their filth.


We spend at least eight to twelve hours in bed everyday. Hence, it becomes a substantial place for domestic allergens. You must know that dust mites and pets can easily hide in your mattress, pillows, and bedsheets. In this case, allergen-proof varieties and covers are helpful to avoid allergies.

Mold Growth

Mold is likely to grow in damp areas. The washroom, basement, kitchen, and yard are ideal for mold development. When mold grows, the spores suspend in the air, becoming a common cause of allergy in people. Hence, it would help if you concentrated on humidity levels and water seepages in your surroundings to prevent mold growth. If mold develops, you should call Mold Air Duct Cleaning in Smyrna to treat the problem.


Cockroaches can enter any home. The insect-dropping and shredded skin can aggravate allergies in people. Cockroaches usually find a way into cluttered places where they find food. Hence, food left in various parts of the home appeals to cockroaches. Clean and tidy spaces and no cracks or openings in the home can prevent cockroaches from entering.


Tobacco smoke can trigger allergies and asthma conditions. When exposed to smoke, sensitive people may cough and wheeze to ease their situation. When anyone smokes in an indoor environment, the smoke builds up on the furniture, fittings, carpet flooring, and curtains. It can infuriate your air quality and worsen allergies. Children, when exposed to smoke, are likely to fall ill frequently.


Pollen found outdoors can land on hair and clothing and travel indoors. Pollen can also enter your home when you leave your doors or windows open. Hence, you must be very careful and take measures to keep pollen outside your home. Keeping windows and doors closed, changing clothes after returning from outside, and regularly bathing pets are some of the precautions to avoid pollen allergies.

Simple Ways to Avoid Allergens in the Home

Air Purifier is the Best Solution

An air purifier is the best solution for cleaning indoor air. It helps remove dust and aerial particles. You must prefer using a HEPA air filter on your Air Conditioner and Heater to enjoy a pure, clean, and safe environment. If you feel your HVAC ductwork is blocked, you must call Air Duct Sanitizing in Smyrna for assistance. A restricted airflow, dusty air, or weird sounds emerging from the system indicate clogged ducts.

Vacuum Regularly to Get Rid of Dust

If you have a carpeted flooring, you must be careful of the dust gathered between the carpet fibers. Hence, vacuuming regularly and thoroughly can help avoid dust build-up. Another alternative is to prefer hard flooring over carpeted ones.

Washing the Floors

If you have laminated, tiled, or wooden flooring, then you should regularly mop clean it. It is a recommended practice to eliminate dust, filth, and pet remains. Experts suggest that using warm water and a portion of disinfectant or vinegar can give the best results. You will enjoy a fresh-smelling and clean environment.

Non-toxic Cleaning Products are Safe

You must know that toxic cleaning products generate aerial particles that boost dust. Hence, you must carefully check the labels when you purchase cleaning products to ensure that you choose the non-toxic range. You should also avoid storing toxic products in your home.

Clear Out the Clutter

When clutter accumulates, it becomes home to dust, filth, and germs. Hence, it would help if you adopted a habit of keeping your home clean and tidy. A dust-free environment is best to avoid allergies and asthma attacks.

Close the Gaps

Unwanted particles can enter your home through openings. As you keep your doors and windows closed, you should also consider closing the gaps to avoid any allergens entering. Cracks usually appear on windows and doors. Hence, it is essential to seal them properly.

Limit the Amount of Dirt Entering Your Home

Keeping debris entirely away from home is simply impossible. But there are ways you can limit its amount entering your home. Some of the recommendations include placement of good quality doormats, keeping indoor shoes and outdoor shoes separate, and cleaning the shoes before entering the house.

Regularly Change Bedsheets

As you spend a significant amount of time in your bed, your bed sheet can be a prime nestling place for dirt and germs. Hence, it would help if you adopted a habit of changing the bedsheets at least once a week to eliminate filth. You must also correctly wash and dry the bedsheets.

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