5 Best Travel App For Android And iphone

5 Best Travel App For Android And iphone

Technology is growing so fast that we don’t require a travel agent to plan our itinerary or to book our tickets and hotels. Our smartphone is the one device that takes care of everything. These days there are apps for almost any kind of travel plan. A peaceful journey requires you to plan correctly, book things in advance, know about the place, and not to keep something for the last minute. In this article, we will share with you the five selected travel apps for Android and iPhone that can make your vacation a breeze.

Travel App for Android and iPhone

  • Nord VPN

    A VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a program that provides safety and privacy while using the internet. While traveling, you might want to avoid the use of free WiFi by your hotel or any public spot since they can be vulnerable. Hackers can set up malicious software with the public WiFi router that enables them to spy on your online surfing. It can be more dangerous when you are managing your bank transactions, your emails, or personal matters. This makes it critical to use a VPN to secure your connection. Nord VPN app keeps you safe from malicious websites, viruses, and spams. Some countries like Iran, Turkey, and China block particular social media sites, search engines, and news channels, and also censor the internet. So, in order to access block-free internet service while traveling, get a VPN.

    NordVPN is a popular VPN service app, among many. It is easy to set up and can access more than 59 countries. The premium VPN connection can support up to six devices at a time.

  • Google Maps

    It is a no brainer that Google Maps is the most useful navigation tool ever. It tells you the distance to the nearest restaurant by car, bus, on foot, or bicycle. It considers the traffic in the route where you want to go and tells the estimated time to reach. You can also search estimated time based on different hours of the day like early morning, noon, or evening.

    You can search for nearby attractions/restaurants, that too all of them arranged rank wise. You can see the ratings and reviews given by people to these sites along with their opening/closing time and peak hours. This level of detailed information makes it easy for any traveler to choose a destination to travel to. You can easily save the direction on the google map to a particular location for offline use. This is helpful while going for a hike where there is no network connection. A vehicle with a jeep roof rack is an ideal vehicle to go on these adventures as there will be enough space to keep your travel essentials.

  • Uber

    Traveling is a lot more comfortable when you have the Uber app. It reduces the chances of having miscommunication while booking a cab due to translation issues. The app presents every critical information pertaining to your ride, starting from your booking, your driver’s info, to your pickup location. Another benefit of the Uber app is the ease of payment without carrying any hard cash. The app deducts from your credit card every time a trip ends, and you don’t have to worry at all. They also don’t charge any overseas fees, and the fares they show are fair.

    Uber also comes to your rescue when you are not sure about the local streets and are looking for the shortest route to reach your destination. Book an Uber, and your driver will take you through the quickest and safest way, which you can easily follow on your GPS. When you are new to a place, instead of using public transport, hire an Uber, and start exploring. You can start using public transport, once you are confident with the routes.

  • Hopper

    While booking flights, we want to make sure that we are getting the best flight deals in regards to pricing. The Hopper app might sound similar to Skyscanner, which shows you the cheapest flights on the selected dates, but Hopper goes one more step forward by suggesting the best time to buy the flight tickets. Download this app to save 40% on your next flight ticket, as claimed by the company. It tracks, analyzes, and presents the most inexpensive flight tickets and when to buy them.

    Once you download and register in the app, enter the to and from locations. The app will then use years of data to create a color-coded calendar of the upcoming year to display flight rates. It uses a green color to show the cheapest flight rates and red color to reflect the expensive ones. The app notifies you via push notifications when there is a change in the prices of your trip and notifies you when the flight prices will rise. It also explains how much the flight rates will increase, allowing you to decide whether to wait or to book. Anyone can efficiently operate this user interface, and it is available in Android and iPhone too.

  • Airbnb

    Generally, while traveling, people book hotel accommodations, but now the trend is changing, and people are booking through Airbnb for a homely experience. Booking through Airbnb and staying in a local resident’s place is a whole new experience. You get to see the location through the eyes of a person who has been living there for many years. They can tell you the best local restaurants to eat authentic dishes. You can cook with them, talk, and listen to their fun experiences. They can also take you to a tour through the unexplored paths that the travel websites won’t be able to tell.

    Apart from experience, the rates of an Airbnb are far cheaper than a hotel. You can look for places based on the amenities that you are looking for like breakfast, washing machine, swimming pool. Therefore, download this app on your Android or iPhone for a cozier and budget-friendly accommodation. Try booking an Airbnb, which is a little away from the city to enjoy the natural landscape surrounding your accommodation.


Now that you know all the essential apps go ahead, install them, and plan your next vacation. Remember to make a note of all the essential things that you want to carry using the to-do list app of google.

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