How to Style Jogger Outfits for Men

How to Style Jogger Outfits for Men

The rising popularity of athleisure is undoubtedly due to the comfort it offers without compromising style. Joggers, especially, are no longer meant just for the gym or the house. Made in many luxe materials under admired brands, they have now become wardrobe staples for many and considering that it is no longer worn just at home, one must explore the many ways to style it to always make a distinctive appearance while out in your joggers.

Traditionally, joggers were sports pants made in lightweight and comfortable materials and gave out an athletic look. With its growing demand, it now comes made in many different materials with a mix of cotton and polyester or fleece being the most famous. The styles have also increased from being just ankle-cuffed or tapered straightforward pants to crunched, ripped, patched, layered, harem style etc.

The potential for styling joggers is vast and we have shortlisted a few remarkable ways in which mens joggers can contribute to an amazing outfit. Let us have a glance at those outfit ideas.

Top 10 Joggers Outfits For Men

T-Shirts/Hoodies & Joggers

The casual or typical style. Depending on the season you can switch between a t-shirt or hoodie but to make either of them look iconic with a jogger, all one has to do is grab them with graphic prints or in a colour contrasting to that of your joggers. They help make the perfect hang-out or casual outfit, especially if you go for a little crunched jogger.

Cardigans & Joggers

A bit of a long cardigan in a dark or neutral tone paired along with a streamlined jogger of the same colour and a plain tee of a contrasting colour makes a classy winter outfit. Slightly radiating academia vibes, it’s an ideal outfit to take to college on a fall or winter day or even for a day out at the library or museum.

Polo Shirts & Joggers

Here’s another typical casual style for the less venturesome days. Both polo shirts and joggers being athleisure staples, this outfit gives you an athletic appearance overall. It’s perfect for a jog at the beach or a day at the park. To elevate this casual look, just simply go for polo shirts that have bold stripes or patterns on them.

Sweatshirt & Joggers

This makes the ultimate Work From Home or Online Class look. Prefer neutral colours or shades that won’t cause too much contrast to get the perfect warm appearance. Sweatshirts with graphic prints, quotes, or words can add flair to your look to bring the best out of simplicity. Quick Suggestion: Fleece joggers and sweatshirts make an eye-catching combination like no other can for mildly cold days.

Track Jackets & Joggers

A tracksuit jacket can’t be paired in a better way than with joggers. Another outfit idea to give you an overall athletic appearance but not necessary that you need to restrict this look just to your gym days. You can pull off this high-toned look even on other days you’re just going bowling or mall hopping. If you have track jackets with stripes, try pairing them up with contrast taped or side-striped joggers for men, a great fit out. Even fleece joggers go perfectly well with tracksuit jackets.

Leather Jackets & Joggers

You can totally make up smart outfits with joggers, leather jacket pairing being an example. Especially with dark toned joggers, nothing can give that “on fleek” look like leather jackets would! A light coloured tee and trainers can be added to surge the glam. Try finding leather panel joggers to go with this and you have the perfect smart casual attire in hand. A plain harem style jogger would also let you rock this.

Denim Jackets & Joggers

Layering is the key to making great outfits with joggers and that’s why we have too many jackets but never underestimate what any of them can do to your mind, particularly what denim jackets can do with a pair of chino or ripped joggers. The sort of sheen and comfort it brings together for you would never let you go back to your denim jacket-denim pants look. Trainer shoes are again perfect to go with this attire.

Bomber Jacket & Joggers

Bomber jackets or pilot jackets offer you another exquisite high-school or college outfit idea with joggers. Especially if you go for jackets with distinguishing prints and pair them with a side-striped jogger, it makes up both, an athleisure and a smart casual outfit. Just because it’s perfect for an academic day, you don’t have to imagine that it would go well only at college. It can make a great cosy outfit for any day in winter or fall.

Dress Shirt

Yes, it definitely works because it is a tried and tested style. All you need is enough patience to see what sort of a dress shirt-jogger styling works for you. Rolled-up sleeves, a few buttons undone, tucked in or with sneakers – the key to styling dress shirts with joggers is only experimentation. It makes a great Work From Home or casual day at work outfit, particularly with crunched, tapered joggers. An Oxford shirt and cuffed joggers are a must try at least once to see how a formal look can be replicated with better comfort. Match them up with a great pair of loafer shoes to complete the look.

Blazers & Joggers

It certainly works if you are a little scrupulous while choosing which blazer to pair up along with your joggers. Avoid complicated cuts or designs and go for something simple and maybe something that is even a bit longer than usual. You are aiming to create a smart casual attire and not a completely formal attire here. So you can go for something light or even wool to layer with your blazer. A harem style jogger would also be a great choice for this.


What’s it if you can’t style it up with an Indish touch!? You can certainly style your crunched or ripped joggers with kurtas of your choice, preferably cotton kurtas with simpler designs. A harem style jogger would look great with short kurtas. Throw in a desi waistcoat to accentuate the attire boldly and you effortlessly create an Indian jogger look too, so that you don’t have to leave your comfort during family functions or festivals.

Even though we have reached the end of jogger outfit ideas, here are some additional suggestions you can always keep in mind while trying to create your own unique outfit plan with joggers:

  • Try to go for multiple layering options. It is a simple way to add glam to your jogger outfits. Either opt for a layered jogger or go for jacketed looks that promise a smart casual attire.
  • If your wardrobe is filled with joggers for every season and occasion, you just need a pair of stylish dark or neutral shaded trainers to go with most of it. Only if you want to prominently express a bit of formalness, go for loafer shoes.
  • For smart casuals, streamlined joggers or the ones that are tapered towards the ends are preferable. Non-cuffed joggers are mostly preferable only if you’re aiming for an extra-casual look.

With this information in hand, you are now ready to make exemplary jogger outfits. Happy Styling!

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