rehabilitation centres in drug addiction

Role of Rehabilitation Centers in Drug Addiction

Rehabilitation centers plays a very important role in drug addiction treatment. Drug addiction damages are hazardous. It impacts worst both physically and mentally. People damages their health, career, relationships, social status, mental peace and what not! When a person goes into addiction nothing seems more important to him/her than having doses of drugs or alcohol. The worst part is that people don’t even realize they are into something bad and that might lead them to serious injury or even death. On the other hand even though they realise it becomes confusing for them if they should consult a doctor, a psychiatrist or go to a rehab directly. Rehab centers follow specific programmes for treating the addicts and introducing them to a better life. So it is wise to choose a good rehab center and go for drug addiction treatments.

What is actually drug addiction?

Drug addiction is basically a substance use disorder. It is a kind of disease that occurs when a person becomes unable to control the use of legal or illegal medication or drugs. This uncontrollability gradually starts effecting their brain, health and behavior and leads them to unhealthy life. Substances like alcohol, nicotine, marijuana etc are considered as drugs. Four types of drugs are- stimulants, depressants, opium-related painkillers and hallucinogens.

Causes of drug addiction
Before one goes for drug addiction treatment the person’s drug addiction causes and signs are analysed. Two major causes of addiction are-

  • Environmental – Environmental factors like family’s believe, attitudes and also connection to any group of people that encourages drug use is seen to be a cause of initial drug use that turns out to be addiction later.
  • Genetics – Once a person starts using a drugs, the speed of development into drug addiction is sometimes influenced by genetic traits.

There may be many causes of drug addiction, among which following are common –

  • Influence from family : If there is family history of drug addiction it is likely to put bad impact on the future generation as well. If you have blood relatives, parents or siblings with drug addiction, there is high chance that you might get attracted to it too. In some cases complex family situations and lack of parental supervision may also lead one to drug addiction.
  • Mental weakness : If a person is suffering from mental health issues such as depression, loneliness, stress etc. and is unable to deal with it, he might start using drugs to escape from the problems.
  • Friend circle : If one’s friend circle is that it has drug users and addicts, in their company one might fall for illegal drug consumption.

Sign of drug addiction

Though excessive dose of drugs can impose some symptoms to a patient, initially it is hard to recognize the signs of drug addiction in a person. These signs are not always clear but if observed with attention they can be traced. These signs may be both mental and physical. First a person is mentally affected and shows symptoms like social distancing, arrogance, depression etc. Consumption of heavy dose everyday for a long period of time causes physical problems gradually.

If not treated properly and in time this even lead to serious and lifelong health issues and even death. If these symptoms are observed in a person, as a mentally healthy person with humanity our first responsibility is to make the addict aware and send him/her to rehab or consultation.

Common signs of drug addiction are-

  • Strong urges for drugs and giving priority to only that thought.
  • Making distance from the society. Avoiding get-togethers, meetings etc.
  • Lack or no responsibility towards work or career.
  • Creating problems in relationships.
  • Doing illegal deeds like stealing, scolding etc. in order to arrange for the drugs you want to have desperately.
  • Occurrence of health issues like lack of energy, lack of motivation, weight loss or gain, red eyes, dry mouth etc.
  • Extreme anxiety and hallucination.
  • Cravings for food at unusual time.
  • Occurrence of hearth issues- increased heart rate, blood pressure or heart attacks.

Role of rehab centers in drug addiction

Role of rehab centers in drug addiction are vital. Rehabs are not less than a temple for the addicts where they can make themselves mentally clean, find peace, learn to lead a healthy life both mentally and physically. Rehabilitation centers have professionals for drug addiction treatment. They analyse every patient’s causes and symptoms of addiction with care and take necessary action to cure it. The environment in rehabs is created in such a way that no one can break the rules there and arrange for drugs or other such addictive substances. Special programs for consultations are organized where the patients can share their experience and can move to a better life.

Addiction treatment programmes at drug rehabs

Addiction therapies in rehabs are mainly of three types- occupational, physical and speech. These are performed through several programs differently catalogued for different patients. The treatment programmes are majorly categorized in two parts- inpatient rehabilitation treatments and outpatient rehabilitation treatments. In inpatient rehabilitation the patients are treated in a hospital, clinic or in a rehab center where they are kept for a period of time until they are recovered from addiction and can safely go home and lead a clean life.

In outpatient rehabilitation treatments the patients are not admitted to hospital, clinic or rehab. Here the patient can take the therapies from home and can visit center when required. In outpatient rehab the patient can be connected to the outer world and continue their regular activities like going to office, attending function etc. unlike inpatient rehab patients.

Drug addiction is not only harmful for the person practicing it but for the society as well. So it is the responsibility of the whole society to treat this as a serious issue and fight against it together. If there will be no availability of illegal drugs in the market there will be no chances of consumption of the same.

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