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Madden NFL 23: Level Up Guide in MUT

You will advance through the tiers of MUT in Madden 23 using the new field passes that are available this year. At any given time, there are several field passes to grind, and there are various methods to use XP to acquire those rewards. Here are some pointers on what goals and game modes you may want to concentrate on when starting out in MUT to help you quickly strengthen your squad. Welcome to buymmog, a safe and fast way to buy Madden 23 coins.

Field Passes

It’s best to become familiar with how these different field passes operate because, as was already explained, this is the only method by which you would be able to advance levels in MUT. You will get a level reward if you have earned the necessary XP to advance a level; these rewards are often different for each level. The higher you move up in those tiers, the more value they will normally gain.

There were four field passes previously, one of which was a primary season pass that required you to complete activities in order to gain experience points (XP).However, there are presently only two field passes that you may complete thanks to a new Zero Chill programme that has been launched: one that comes naturally under Zero Chill (which has essentially taken the role of the season pass), and one that is competitive and resets every 14 days (for online play, solo battles, & house rules games). After reading over each of these, you’ll have a better understanding of what is necessary for each one to fulfill in order to receive each of the rewards that are offered.

Better methods for getting pass rewards quickly

Goals for each day

Because there is still Zero Chill XP to be earned for completing each daily objective separately and then all at once, completing them all is definitely what you’ll want to do first thing in MUT every day. You only need to do three things to do this: purchase a pack from the store (the 500 Madden 23 coin daily Gold+ card is a wonderful, reasonable alternative), finish a set (using cards from your collection to upgrade some low golds into higher golds is typically possible), and log 200 yards of total offense (any mode is ok).

For completing each of them, you will receive 1,000 Zero Chill XP. Once you have completed all of the daily goals, you will also receive 5,000 XP as well as a MUTmas calendar key, which you can use to unlock a surprise reward. The daily tracker from the previous season also increased your experience points (XP) the more days you completed your daily goals.Even if this isn’t currently a component of the Zero Chill programme, that doesn’t mean it won’t be included in other programmes in the future.


You’ll undoubtedly notice that one of the objectives on a field pass is to achieve specific statistical benchmarks, with players from the current programme occasionally appearing in your starting lineup. The best approach to satisfying these prerequisites is to begin by completing the numerous tasks from the present programme (Welcome to Zero Chill, Snowball Fight, and The Frozen Forge), which can be finished with little to no effort most of the time. In addition to the stat advancement you are guaranteed to experience on every field pass, accomplishing these tasks will earn you goodies like Madden 23 coins, packs, & players. As if that weren’t enough to tempt you, a field pass will often have particular objectives that call for you to achieve a certain amount of those stars through obstacles.

If you haven’t already, you should start working on some of the other tasks once you’ve completed all of the ones from the current program. The Squad of this Week challenges should be given priority because they are simple to complete and will earn you some great player prizes. Additionally, after finishing the last challenge of each week, you’ll receive Team of the Year tokens that may later be traded for Team of the Year sets whenever those are made available near the conclusion of the NFL season.

Starting at the top and working your way down is a good plan since the sets of challenges are typically arranged according to when they were issued. Always refer back to your field passes to determine which goals you may focus on achieving while completing the various tasks.

Enthusiastic Field Pass

The competitive field pass, where you earn XP and rewards either by playing online or by fighting alone against the CPU, is one that is likely to constantly remain around and be on the list as other field passes arrive and then go. If you’re like me and would want to play against the fewest number of online opponents (who will frequently repeat the same money plays again and again), you might choose to focus on the goals involving solitary battles or special event games (such as the new Deck the Halls ones) versus the CPU instead.

The intensity of the solitary battle games can be adjusted to make them as difficult as you wish, although they are basically just long challenges. Harder difficulties will increase your solo fight points (which are another way to gain rewards), but they will also make it more difficult for you to build the necessary stats for the competitive field pass. Once you’ve racked up all the competitive points that you can in solo battles, feel free to dangle your toe in the water of head-to-head online play (or team up with buddies in online squad games).

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