Why Do Your Customers Love SMS Customer Support?

Why Do Your Customers Love SMS Customer Support?

Do you know that poor consumer service costs over 75 million dollars? Thanks to the upgrades in technology for making communication easier, few businesses continue to offer less than stellar service for their consumers. According to the study, “businesses are failing to bring positive, personal experiences which can steer consumer loyalty,” resulting in over 67% of customers switching between the brands.

Poor customer service can result from anything right from not responding promptly to a lack of helpful employees. Customization and convenience play a major role in consumers’ experiences these days. Look at the examples such as Netflix, Uber, and Amazon. They offer what you need and when you need it.

These kinds of technology giants already set the bar soaring high for the second generation of consumer experiences. So, how can brick and mortar businesses offer personal and faster service – by text messaging.

Why SMS services are best for your customers

Human touch

Just forget the automated responses, chatbots. The main benefit of SMS consumer service is that it brings such a powerful human touch. As per a study conducted by the retail world in 2017, it’s known that over 50% of consumers are likely to talk with humans to answer their queries. This can help customers feel good and valued and breed trust with the business. Imagine the intimate nature of SMS that you send to your family or friends. That conversational and informal text messaging can seek consumers’ support via the channels to make it familiar and simple. A quality conversation that offers valuable conversations to the consumers is simple for everyone via two-way SMS.

It’s convenient

Almost everyone utilizes SMS at some point in their daily life. Either we love these text messages or not. People explore their messages once a day.

Australians utilize SMS more frequently than other messaging platforms. Then bothering people by using a phone call, people think it’s simple to type a message and send it to the recipient. It takes a few seconds to read and send SMS and send it to anyone wherever they are and whenever you need it. So, most customers wish more brands would interact with them through SMS Gateway.


SMS is more flexible than the phone-based consumer service and could do anything an email does concisely and personally. Here are the few things that a business can use:

  • Businesses can explain how to use these products
  • automated replies for usual inquires
  • Scheduling service and callbacks
  • To notify consumers about important problems
  • To send delivery announcements

Increase communications

As per Pew Research, 67% of mobile users look at their Phone for messages when it’s not ringing. And, more than 45% of people sleep with the Phone beside them. It is necessary to meet consumers where many of them are tough to hold. It can make sense to engage with them through the platform where people utilize the most. Mobile Marketing says that text messages receive 98% of the open rate, and email has 20% of the open rate.

SMS marketing

A great solution to solve problems

Customers these days have huge expectations in terms of consumer services. They like to chat and talk with a consumer’s service representative in just 2 minutes. Live chat and Phone are the best ways to serve consumers, yet they could bring huge wait times based upon when users contact and how busy consumer service is.
SMS Text messaging allows customers to contact you whenever they like as people always have their mobile with them. SMS with the perfect technology and training make it simple for consumer service agents for answering rapidly with the human touch that consumers expect.

Most of these days, businesses automate their response for common requests like business hours. That accesses consumer services to be productive and assist consumers with many confusing problems.

Enhances consumer loyalty

Over 97% of people admit that consumer service is vital. Customers value how much you care and unravel their problems quickly, no matter how they pick to engage with the business. With one-to-one conversations through the text message, you could build a good personal connection with consumers that drives loyalty.
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