How to promote small business in social media

How To Promote Small Business In Social Media

The entrepreneurship era in India is blooming. People are gaining interest in start ups and small businesses. Indian government’s initiatives in promoting small businesses through schemes and fellowships, the slogan ‘vocal for local’ have also charged up people to go more for self dependency- the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. This has rose up to many small businesses and along with the high level of competition even just at the beginning level for the businesses. Businesses are trying hard to promote their product/services in various ways among which social media is one of the vital. How to promote small business in social media- with the new techniques and frequent updates of various social media sites it is important for the businesses looking for smart promotional ideas to know this. Here we have covered few ways of effective social media marketing for small business. Before that let’s know why social media promotions are a must now-a-days for business success.

Why social media promotion is must for small businesses?

Around 4.62 billion people use social media globally and this number is daily increasing. This is enough to understand how important social media promotion is for any business. You can connect to a large number of audiences through social media. Also the best part, most of the social media sites are initially free. You can just create an account, make a network of your own and start promoting. Sponsored ads, post boosting, featured ads, influencer marketing are also some very good options in social media for small business online marketing.

How to do effective social media marketing for small business

  1. Research

A little bit of research work in everything is always required. If you can make a prior idea on how different small businesses are doing marketing in social media sites, which will be the most effective site for your brand, what kind of content people like more to see on social media etc. are to be analysed first.

  1. Make a strategy

Once you got an idea of the recent trends and updates, make a strategy for your small business online marketing. There are a lot of social sites and groups that allow online promotion, but everything is not worth it. So make a strategy on-

  • Which site you will focus more
  • How much you will invest
  • What will be the content type
  • How will you follow-up. Etc.
  1. Build relation

Building relation with audience and customers is also an important aspect of online marketing. This can be done in the following ways-

  • Send greetings as post or messages
  • Share informative or funny content sometimes
  • Mention followers in your stories and posts
  • Engage audience with quiz and more
  1. Connect to influencers

Influencers especially in Instagram are an effective way of online marketing. When your products are promoted by people having good number of online followers, you got to connect to a large number of audiences through them. Small to big companies today collaborate with social media influencers to promote their brands. According to a statistic of last five years the influencer marketing in social media has raised to a $5-10 billion dollar industry!

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  1. See what’s trending

Whether fashion, food, business or news, people like to update themselves from different content in social media. Use of trending topics, memes etc while brand promotion is an effective way of attracting customers. Trending hashtags also do well in this manner.

  1. Social commerce

Now-a-days social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. provide online market space to sell products/services. Anyone scrolling down the feed can see the advertisements and if they like, they can shop at the site itself. Social commerce is indeed one of the most effective social media marketing for small businesses.

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  1. Paid ads

And now if you have saved even a little bit from your profit, go for sponsored ads. Here you can select the location you want to particularly promote your brand in, the age group you want to target and for how many days you want to run the ad. Paid advertisements in both Facebook and Instagram can create strong brand promotion and increase sells as well.

  1. Track performance

Putting up new strategies all the time is not wise. When you are working on a particular strategy you should at least give it a bit time to show its results. Tracking up on your plan is important here. There are some online tools by which you can track and analysis your site’s performance and if not going well, change or reframe it too.

If you are a small business owner and wondering how to promote small business in social media, I hope the above content will help you in getting an answer. The trends and updates in social media sites are always changing. So it is important that you keep yourself updated and make your small business online marketing exciting, so that people too get attracted to check your profile and make a purchase.

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