How to Decorate Your Balcony on Budget

How to Decorate Your Balcony on Budget

For Sunday’s mandatory hair oil massage and some relax hours, for after office tea and some happy hours with the dear ones, for some midnight blues with the twinkling city lights in front…balcony is just the right place to feel the momentums of life! A beautifully decorated balcony is hence everyone’s choice. How to decorate your balcony on budget? Especially when you have a small balcony, it becomes a challenge to organize it properly. You might have gone through many DIY balcony decoration ideas or expensive show pieces in the market that guarantee your home décor, but that might not fit into your one. What to do then? Is it better to buy expensive décor pieces or to colour the walls first, put some indoor plants or go for artificial grass, keep two garden chairs or bar chairs will look better? Confused? Well, keep on reading then!

Why your balcony needs to be revamped

Don’t you feel good when you put on new dresses, do a new hairstyle or even put a new bed sheet on the bed? Small feel-good things in life are important. Balcony decoration is not different. Would you not like to have some space to chill in your home, to feel the cold breeze and to do the morning yoga? Effective implementation of balcony decoration ideas can make this happen. Also to maintain a property it needs to be renovated time to time. Rain drops often hit the balcony. It also withstands the strong sunlight. So it is obvious that your balcony too needs nourishment.

How to decorate your balcony on budget

There are a lot of balcony décor or terrace decor ways. But the main thing is what to be implemented so that it suits perfectly to your balcony’s size, structure, position and ofcourse fits into your budget. Following are some of the ways explained-

  1. Colour your balcony

Some popping colors to make it more exciting and to contrast to the greenery in the balcony will really look good. You can put two white chairs in that colorful corner and feel the zeal while sipping your favorite drink in the relaxed hours.

  1. Put some plants

Balcony and plants are the best friends. You never have to worry about how to decorate home balcony with plants. Because, whatever the size, shape or wall colors of your balcony, some beautiful green plants will always complement. You can choose some nice plant pots of different sizes and shapes and make it look trendy.

  1. A beautiful carpet in the middle

If you have placed chairs in your balcony, a carpet along with will look good. If not chairs, you can place one or two bean bags beside or even on the carpet. That will not only save space but also will serve the purpose of sitting and chilling in the balcony.

Small balcony decoration ideas

  1. Artificial grass

Artificial grass installation in balcony is one of the most trending ideas of balcony and terrace décor. Low maintenance is its one of the major reasons to choose as balconies are most of the time is exposed to daylight and rain. It is ideal if you have children or pets at home.

  1. Hanging tubs and wind chimes

Having space scarcity to put your favorite pants in the balcony? Just hang it out! Activate your DIY balcony decoration ideas, bring ropes and plastic frames and decorate your balcony with hanging plant pots. You can also include a beautiful hand crafted wind chime and add on to the beauty of your balcony. A great idea will be to hang a small bowl of water and food for the birds too.

how to decorate home balcony with plants

  1. How about a tiny café!

A tiny cozy corner at the balcony with bar stools, a small platform, a coffee brewer, cups and mugs- isn’t that sound great! Hot sip of your favorite coffee at your own café relaxing with your favorite music at the background- well, that will make your evening escapes easier!

  1. Swing chair to relax

That’s one of everyone’s favorite ideas to arrange a balcony. What can be better that a swing chair, just beside the green plant pots, with that beautiful scenery in front and the cold breeze around. Just take out your diary and write some poems now!

  1. A wall garden will be cool!

A vertical garden is a new cool. Especially when your balcony is a small one a wall garden is a great idea to save space and to have a wall full of greenery at the same time. You can even merge up your kitchen garden with this wall garden and plant some useful herbs and plants that can be used in the kitchen.

How to decorate your balcony on budget- is not a very tough question if you know where to invest and create something extraordinary out of ordinary things. Hope the above small balcony decoration ideas will be useful for you. Wish you happy hours at your balcony!

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