How Can I Get Over My Sugar Cravings

How Can I Get Over My Sugar Cravings

Midnight blues, soft blanket, light music, and some creamy chocolaty brownie- definition of just a perfect night! Isn’t it? Well, this could have been amazing if this midnight sugar craving would not have any bad impact on our health. But the harsh truth is that excessive sugar, especially added refined white sugar is extremely bad for our health. That is why being a big fan of sweets, I always wonder how can I get over my sugar cravings?

Cause of sugar craving

The root cause of sugar craving is deficiency of some minerals in body. Deficiency of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, chromium, calcium etc. may be the cause of sugar cravings. However there are different reasons for such deficiency in body. Some may like-

  1. Skipping of meals

When we skip meals our body cells crave for energy to fuel them up. So our brain sends signal that we need more energy that is more carbohydrates. Our fault is that rather than choosing something which is not that tasty but good for health, we grab some easy, readily available options like chocolates, soda, candy bar or some creamy cakes.

  1. Stress

Stress is another common reason of sugar craving. Stress works in two ways- one when a person’s apatite is decreased and he feels like not to eat anything and second when the apatite is abnormally increased. In the later craving for sugary things is quite common.

  1. Dehydration

Once I asked my gym instructor how do I get rid of my sugar cravings midnight? I thought he will suggest me some health food or drinks. But to my strange he asked me to have a glass of water and sleep. Later I realised he was right. What I was mistaken as sugar cravings was actually my thirst. Lacking of water or fluid in our body may be a cause for sugar addiction, especially in evening or at night.

  1. Eating less

Eating only egg whites in breakfast is fine but having less quantity in your meal and grabbing chocolates just before an hour of meal out of hunger is not okay. Eating less means less nutrients are going to your body. The healthy and necessary fats and protein are also lacking in your meal. This certainly leads to craving for sweets many times.

  1. Sleeping less

If your sleep cycle is disturbed, it certainly affects your stress level. A stressed person with bad sleeping habit generally starves for sugary, salty and starchy food.

How to overcome sugar addiction?

  1. Eat quality not quantity

Eating quality food means your food should be a balance of protein, vitamin, fats, minerals and carbohydrates. Eating less will not work if that food is not filled with quality. So whatever your cuisine, eating healthy and in right amount is necessary.

  1. Take fruit sugar

Fructose and glucose that are found in fruits and vegetables are good for health. So whenever you feel like eating something sweet, especially after a heavy meal, take a piece of fruit or any sweet vegetable like beetroot, carrot etc. That is a wise way of fighting sugar adduction.

  1. Honey is better

If you have severe cravings for sugar, you can opt for honey. GI value of honey is less than that of sugar. This means it doesn’t raise blood sugar level that quickly. So it is comparatively a healthier option than sugar. Honey with lime water in the morning can even promote weight loss.

  1. Sleep timely

This not only an answer for how to beat sugar addiction, but also the secret of keeping an over good health. Sleeping timely and for about 7/8 hours daily is necessary for maintaining a good health.

  1. Eat timely

Timely eating can also help you quit sugar cravings. When you provide proper amount of energy to your body through food at proper time, you will feel full and energised. This will eventually decrease your desire to have sweet.

  1. Take less stress

Though our brain is of 2% of our body weight, the organ requires almost half of our daily carbohydrates. Glucose is its major source of fuel. When in stress the brain requires about 12% more energy. This often leads to sugar cravings.

  1. Control your mind

Passing by your favourite bakery and grabbing donuts every time is not acceptable. You should control your mind. For better control of mind you can exercise yoga and meditation.

  1. Drink enough water

This is one of the best solutions to control sugar craving. Develop a habit to drink a glass of water when you crave for sweets, this will not only feed your thirst but also make you feel full.

Concluding with just one request, avoid extra sugar as much as possible. Hope the above information will aware and help you get over your sugar cravings and lead you to a healthy life.

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