Between A Web Developer Or A Web Designer

Difference Between Web Developer Vs. Web Designer

Many people are confused between web developers and web Designer. They think that both of the professionals perform a similar job. But, this is not true as many differences are existing between a web developer as well as a web designer.

They think that both of them build websites, but they are involved in diverse areas. If you are thinking of taking the help of a web designer USA for your next project, then you should be well-aware of all the differences so that you can make an effective choice.

Understanding The Differences A Web Developer vs. A Web Designer

Developers are inclined towards building the core structure of a website by making use of coding languages. On the other hand, the designers are more user-focused as well as visually creative. Also, the developers consider making use of specific knowledge related to programming into the creative vision of the designer. In this regard, you can compare developers with construction workers whereas web designers are architects.

So, both of the professionals contribute to play a very important role due to their diverse skill sets.
By considering the most important facts about web designers and web developers linked here, you would be able to understand the differences well.

A Web Designer

A web designer is someone who contributes to making your website seem first-class. In this regard, they mainly have a look over the overall feel as well as the style of the web page. For this, they make use of software such as Photoshop which helps them to properly customize the visual elements of the website.

Not only that, but they make use of code such as CSS and HTML for the creation of appealing designs. Also, the web designers are divided into special categories that are needed to know about.

  • UI Designer

    They contribute to effectively advance how users act together with the interface or the elements. Also, this is specifically achieved when they translate complicated brand values as well as ideas into an exciting and easy-to-navigate feature on the website. Again, one question might be arising into your mind, how this specific feature differentiates from the UX.

    So, you should know that both the UX and UI are different ones as UI mainly are inclined towards the aesthetics i.e. the feel and look of the definite website. On the other hand, UX is something that involves research to build a robust foundation that results in a positive user experience.

  • UX Or User Experience Designer

    The main role of a UX designer is to increase user engagement. They are involved in crafting outstanding websites. Also, they do this by carrying out thorough research about the website needs and also the user’s demographics. If people find your particular website exciting, then they have a more tendency to recommend or revisit. In this way, you can focus on growing your online community.

  • Visual Designer

    Another name on the list is the visual designer. They are considered to be a mixture of both UI and UX.
    Along with effectively improving the user journey, they make use of the coding and creative skills to solve design issues. Also, they play a very important role to conceptualize the tone of voice or unique style of a brand.

A Web Developer

The main role of a website developer is to put together a website according to the concept given by a website designer. More or less, they contribute to play a similar role, but their main focus is to design website apps.
So, a website developer contributes to building the framework of a website by making use of specific software such as JQuery and Javascript. In this way, they aim to build a smooth running website and they are assisted by the web designers.

Similarly to the web designers, there are some definite roles for website developers that are listed in the below mentioned section:

  • Front-End Developer

    They are more associated with website design when compared to back-end development. Another name for this includes client-side development. It involves using specific elements like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for the creation of things that the user can notice such as client lead forms. So, they possess coding skills. Along with that, they help to build effective frameworks with which the user can interact with.

  • Back End Developer

    This is where the main structure of the website is specifically designed. They possess programming expertise and make use of complex software languages i.e. SQL, Java, and C#. But, the users are not able to see the work which they do. Also, it involves coding on databases and web servers. But, it does not involve a browser. So, it can be said that their main job is to build functional and logical websites by making use of different programs. Not only that, but they also focus on spending a lot of time fixing bugs and testing.

  • Full-Stack Developer

    They perform their work across diverse stacks or layers which involve both the back and front end. Whenever it comes to website development, they are always ready with the full package as they possess the required expertise in all areas.

How To Choose Between A Web Developer Or A Web Designer?

After understanding all the differences existing between a web developer as well as a website designer, you would be able to know which one to select according to your needs. In this regard, you should know whether a website designer or a developer help to address your issues.

This will help to formulate your website-related experience. Like, if you are focusing to fabricate the latest contact form, produce a mobile application, fix hosting or server issues, then it is important to hire a web developer. But, in case, you are required to design a new homepage layout, conceptualize the branding of a new website, and edit videos and photos, then you should take the help of a website designer.

So, the above-discussed ones are considered to be some of the major differences existing between a web designer as well as a web developer that you need to know about.

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