Concrete Designs for Home Improvement

Intriguing Concrete Designs for Home Owners

Out of all construction materials that could be used to erect houses and towers, concrete is the most versatile one. From bathtubs and beyond, you can find it in places both indoors and outdoors. Even in the presence of other materials, it is not coming slow. Now, concrete enterprises are more experimenting than ever and producing exquisite designs for fixtures like trough sinks, shower cabins & stalls, wall panels, furniture pieces, etc. So, if you were waiting for a time when it would be “safe” for going concrete, for both utility and beauty, the time is now.

The main selling point of concrete is that it is a cheaper material, with a long lifespan that can easily dwarf others. Not to mention it is highly receptive to colors and stains to give the piece a beautiful color and character. It would be an underestimation to say that concrete is for urban areas. In this post, we will discover some ideas that will give you a clear picture of where you can try unique concrete designs.

Best Concrete Designs for Home Improvement

A Note

If you are a DIY junkie, it is best to give this project to the pros. Concrete will only shine there is a balance between quality and quantity. It takes both excellent material and installation work to make it fly without overdoing it. So, here are some of the pointers that will help you in choosing the right one for you.

Concrete Walls

This is a timeless classic in modern architecture that you can sport without a second thought.
Concrete walls are around for ages as they are old as the concrete itself. It offers great strength for protection that also allows it to withstand the test of time with ease. You do not go around erecting walls around your place every couple of months. And this is a solid return on your investment. You can tell the installers to get creative and they can make textures and patterns on the surface of concrete based on the theme and layout of the space. If you want to experiment, go for it. Having concrete walls add a dramatic character to your place which is more engaging than paint and other materials.

Concrete Fireplace

Concrete Fireplace

For many people, having walls made of concrete could be overkill, even if they are living in a modern neighborhood. But this does not mean you should steer clear from concrete. You can choose a place, a fixture, in your house and make it out of concrete. Since the fireplace is a central place in every living area, it can use a little experimenting with concrete. The best part about this approach is that it can stand alone on its own and look amazing.

There are two ways you can go about this idea.

  • Use stained concrete around the place
  • Use geometric concrete tiles if you are not up for the first option

Kitchen Counters or Islands

Kitchen Counters

In recent times, concrete kitchen countertops and islands have become a hot trend. When you go that route, it creates a rustic yet industrial look in your kitchen. This is the main reason why homeowners and contractors go for it. Concrete counters offer a great visual experience to your kitchen. The way it is getting popular, soon it will become a modern masterpiece and you would not have to worry about changing it to match with the modern look. Concrete kitchen countertops and islands offer a sturdy and stylish look that you can get without breaking your bank. As an added bonus, you can have any sort of color, shape, design, size, and other variables. This allows you to put on any show you can want on the countertop.

The greatest overkill you can do with this style is having a counter that is entirely made of concrete, instead of just installing granite or other marble on top. For exceptional services, contact Residential Concrete Services Bloomfield Hills MI and they will hook you up with the best concrete installers and technicians for the best work.

Concrete Décor

Concrete Décor

Even when you do not want to use unique concrete designs in a utilitarian sense, you can use them to create feisty fixture that will enhance the appearance of the place. For a good start, go with neutral color with items that are always in a room but in the way. This includes candle stands, bookends, cheese boards, etc.

To take up the game a notch, go for a coffee table. It could be extra special because you can go the DIY route.
If you are used to moving frequently, this is not for you, because merely moving the piece from its place would be a logistical nightmare. So, start small, and then when you are settled at a place, fan out.

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