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Top Benefits of Navasana Yoga Pose

Nowadays, Yoga has become a symbol to remain fit and healthy. This traditional yoga keeps in many health benefits that have enough potential to protect your body from many diseases. Yoga is such a great thing that makes a person both physically and mentally well. There have also been many scientific types of research on the subjects of Yoga and Pranayama, in which these have been found beneficial.

Although there are many types of yoga, today we have brought this article for you, in this article, you will know what is Navasana, how to do Navasana, and what are the health benefits of Navasana, and the right way to do Navasan yoga, so let’s begin.

What is Navasan Yoga?

Along with spiritual development, the major benefits of yoga also help in mental and physical development. Yoga asanas build up your body and make it more efficient and healthy. There are many yoga asanas that benefit the body in many ways. Navasana is one of the major yoga postures.

Its name is derived from two Sanskrit words, “Nauka” meaning “boat” and “asana” meaning “posture” and is also called “Naukasana”. Since it is a boat-shaped posture, it is named Navasana. Navasana is one of the few yoga poses that can be performed while lying on the back as well as on the abdomen.

Navasana (boat pose) is a very good yoga from a health point of view as it not only strengthens your abdominal muscles but it also tones the vital organs in your stomach.It is very helpful in treating health problems related to the pancreas, kidneys, liver, and gastric juices.

How to do Navasana Yoga Asana?

There are different easy and simple steps to practice Navasan. There are three different types of Navasana where we will discuss the steps to practice simple Navasana Yoga (boat pose), so let’s know how to do Navasana.

Steps of doing Navasana Yoga Pose

  • Begin with lying on your back.
  • Inhale and lift your body up to 30 degrees so that you can easily see the toes with your eyes.
  • Place the palms on the thighs.
  • Stay in this particular pose for as long as possible.
  • Initially, you can do this for 20 seconds and then increase your time to 2 minutes.
  • Make sure that when you maintain this posture, the navel area should be stretched.
  • Now bring the body down while exhaling and relaxing.
  • Exhale and inhale slowly as you maintain posture.

Some Important Tips for Navasana Yoga Pose

It will be quite difficult for beginners in yoga to practice this asana. But they do need not be disappointed. Initially, you need to lie in the Savasana posture. Then stretch the body by bringing the hands behind the head.

Now raise the right hand, left leg, and head at an angle of 30 degrees and then hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. This is a variation of the currency named Shalabh. Now you are ready to practice boat pose. If you have any problem, you should consult a yoga expert to practice this mudra in a better way.

Benefits of Navasana Yoga Pose

  • It helps in reducing abdominal fat. It facilitates proper compressing, stretching, and relaxation in the abdominal part of the body and hence it will be very easy to burn belly fat if this yoga is practiced regularly.
  • It is one of the most effective rugs for achieving your slim-trim body.
  • It helps in getting a thinner waist. This reduces the amount of fat around the waist.
  • This is good yoga for the kidneys as it strengthens and tones them.
  • This helps to keep your navel in the correct and proper position.
  • It is great yoga for gastric juice secretion and is quite effective for the process of digestion. Also helps your body’s digestive system to boost your intestine.
  • It helps in the treatment of diabetes. Its advanced form helps in the secretion of pancreatic juice which regulates the function of your pancreas and therefore cures diabetes.
  • It helps you make six-pack abs. It is a very powerful yoga asana and provides comfortable stretching for your abdominal muscles. Practicing this yoga regularly for a long time helps you in making six-pack abs.
  • It helps to improve blood circulation by burning excess fat in veins and arteries.
  • It is quite good for healthy kidneys and helps in curing kidney problems.
  • It removes the toxins present in the body which makes the body more active and eliminates lethargy. It makes the body more energetic.
  • It strengthens your back muscles.
  • This is good yoga for your hormones. It strengthens the whole body system, makes digestion, muscles, communication, hormonal and nervous system healthy.

Precautions to be taken while doing Navasana (Boat Pose)

  • People who are suffering from hernia disease should consult a doctor.
  • People with spinal problems should not practice this yoga.
  • People who have blood pressure problems should avoid it. This is also the case with people suffering from high blood pressure, migraines, and severe headaches.
  • Asthma patients should avoid its practice.
  • People with heart problems should not perform this pose.
  • Women who are pregnant or in the menstrual period should not practice it.
  • Patients who suffer from hip joint pain, as well as arthritis, should never practice this pose.
  • People who have diarrhea, insomnia, and neck injury should not practice it.
  • People who are suffering from any other disease should consult their doctor before practicing this yoga.

Are you still curious to learn more about yoga asana? In fact, you can join a yoga school in Rishikesh, India. This might help you to go through many asanas for good results. Hope after knowing all these benefits, you will never have to say what are the methods and benefits of Navasana/Boat Pose.

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